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Suvi Hanninen

Handpainted and lasercut dress for @jennivartiainenofficial for Emma-gaala

Design concept: "Versipellis"
in latin means "the one that shifts shape".

I draw inspiration from shape-shifting sea creatures that when still, look like miniature sculptures yet when moving become dynamic bundles of organic pulse.

Beforehand I imagined all the possible angles the dress could be shot; I even thought of how it would look like when floating... The design is such that the dress can be easily transformed into another form afterwards hence giving it longer existence.

The dress itself does not turn into something else on stage but the term refers to it's after use and also for the dramaturgy of the dress on stage during performance.

Special thanks for @woozubstudio and Sergii for fast delivery in laser cutting!

Kati Kettunen
🥰 Vihdoinkin valo ja pimeys asettuvat tasapainoisempaan tilaan ja se tuntuu oikein mukavalle 💕
P. S. Ostin Super samba weekendistä tällaisen ihanan tanssijafiguurivalon, se on upea 😍 Kiitos Woozubstudio ihanasta valotaiteesta 🙏💚

It is amazing handmade earrings!!!

Katja Nironen

This cat on the wall made by family from Ukraine. Thank you guys, I like it a lot!

Inka Hjelt

Go find yourself a beautiful pair of earrings:)